Passengers crowding the lifeboats.

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Recorded in Washington, D.C., Nov 1970, from "an informant who moved there from Richmond, Virginia," reprinted in Daryl Cumber Dance, Shuckin' and Jivin', Bloomington, IN, 1978, pp. 215-216.

A story was circulated that Jack Johnson was denied passage on board the Titanic.... Thus, according to the legend, the only Black person on board was a worker in the boiler room. (Actually there were no Black passengers, nor were there Black crew members.)
Daryl Cumber Dance, Shuckin' and Jivin', Bloomington, IN, 1978, p. 372.

It was 18491 when the great Titanic went down;
Say the fifth of May1 was a hell of a day,
When the great Titanic sailed away.
It was hell, hell, it was some fucked-up times
When that Titanic hit that iceberg and began to go down.
Came up from down below old Shine,
Came up on the deck and said,
''Captain, Captain, water is coming in through the boiler room do'."
Captain said, ''Now Shine, oh, Shine, go back and pack your sack,
'Cause I got forty-nine electric pumps to keep that water back.''
Shine said, "That may be true because you carrying a load.''
Says, "I'm gon' take my chances in jumping overboard.''
Captain say, "Now, Shine, oh, Shine, don't be no fool and don't be no clown."
Say, ''Anybody go overboard is bound to drown.''
Shine say, "You may have them pumps, and they better work fast,''
Say, "'cause I'm going overboard when that water reach my ass.''
Say now the Captain's daughter came up on the deck.
She had her hands in her cock and her tits 'round her neck.
And say she say, ''Now, Shine, oh, Shine, save poor me.''
Say, "I'll give you more pussy than one Shine can see.''
Shine say, "Now, you may have good pussy and that might be true,"
Say, "But women on land got good pussy too.''
So she say, "Now, Shine. oh, Shine, if you don't save poor me,''
Say, "I'll cut it out and throw it to the sea.''
Shine say, "Before I let that matter pass,
I'll cut my dick off to the crack of my ass;
I'll make my dick into an oar
And paddle that pussy back to shore.''
All the millionaires looked around at Shine, say, ''Now, Shine, oh, Shine, save poor me'';
Say, "We'll make you wealthier than one Shine can be.''
Shine say, ''You hate my color and you hate my race'';
Say, ''Jump overboard and give those sharks a chase.''
Now women began to scream, and babies began to cry,
And everybody on board realized they had to die.
But Shine could swim and Shine could float,
And Shine could throw his ass like a motorboat.
Say Shine hit the water with a hell of a splash,
And everybody wondered if that Black sonovabitch could last.
Say the Devil looked up from hell and grinned,
Say, ''He's a black, swimming motherfucker. I think he's gon' come on in."
Say Shine looked over to his side and got a hell of a surprise,
A forty-foot whale was swimming by his side.
Say, but Shine shook his head and wiggled his tail,
And did the deep-sea shuffle and fucked that whale.
Say, now, when Shine hit the nearest seaport town,
The word had gone around that the great Titanic had gone down.
Say, but Shine walked up to the nearest bar and kicked down a do',
Women lined all up against the wall and punks laying all out on the flo'.
Shine said, ''Houseman, Houseman, fix me a toddy'';
Say, "I'm gon' get high and fuck everybody.''
Shine began to drink and he began to drink fast,
And Shine end up not getting nah piece o' ass.
It wasn't women that killed poor Shine, and it wasn't whiskey that took his breath;
Say a little green fly flew up Shine's ass and tickled Shine to death.
1The Titanic sank on April 15, 1912.


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